Strengthen your Apache Kafka security with Kouncil

In a production environment, topics in Apache Kafka may contain sensitive data or business information, which means there are many additional requirements related to data privacy and security. Kouncil features ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


Grant permissions for Apache Kafka

Kouncil gives you control over Apache Kafka user authentication and authorization. Create access patterns for user groups and configure Kouncil with LDAP or Active Directory to automatically authorize access and verify users.


Manage access to functions and data

Precisely manage access to functions and objects in Apache Kafka (e.g., topics, consumer groups, or search engine) and specific data for defined user groups.


Data masking

Kouncil automatically obfuscates data fields with information such as payment card numbers that should not be visible to certain user groups.


Audit logs

Trace operations performed in Apache Kafka. The capability to check what a user searched for, what data they entered, edited, or deleted will help you quickly investigate incidents and efficiently resolve any issue.


Incident alerts

Define rules to trigger notifications about unusual incidents in Apache Kafka, for example, when someone manually adds a new event in the topic. With Kouncil, no breach will escape your attention.



In addition to internal safety policies, every business is subject to requirements under regulations like GDPR and security standards. Kouncil ensures compliance so that you do need to worry about it anymore.


What are the benefits of increasing Apache Kafka security with Kouncil?

Risk containment
Immediate response to security breaches
Regulatory compliance
Transparency of operations


Achieve your business goals with Kouncil

Kouncil allows me to view topics in events, not logs. This way, I can find the specific problem I am looking for in a particular business process and solve it faster than before.
Bartosz Foltyniewicz
Business Analyst, Santander
I use Kouncil daily to monitor topics delays. Thanks to that, I can actively detect potential failures on brokers and implement appropriate actions.
Andrzej Pusty
IT System Administrator, Santander


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