Apache Kafka monitoring has never been easier

What you can achieve with Apache Kafka depends on how well you use the available data. Managing distributed data in real time is a demanding task. Kouncil enables monitoring and administering data streams and taking preventive actions to avoid the risk of errors.


Real-time system monitoring

Monitor current system health from cluster to topic level, and keep tabs on producers and consumer groups' performance to detect network or hardware bottlenecks.


View your Apache Kafka configuration

You can check your Apache Kafka configuration at the cluster, broker, and topic level without looking at the config files. Moreover, Kouncil enables changing the parameters of data streams to adjust them to current requirements.


Support for
multiple clusters

If you configure multiple Apache Kafka clusters, you can switch between them at any time without having to restart or reconfigure anything.


System alerts

Define rules for monitoring Apache Kafka environment that trigger immediate alerts on specific events to be sent to particular user groups via integrated communication applications such as Slack, Splunk, AWS Cloudwatch, or DataDog.


Recording metrics

Establish a frequency for recording Apache Kafka metrics and generate charts showing data for the respective periods. They will give you a clear understanding of what's going on in your infrastructure, help you spot patterns, and take appropriate actions.


What are the benefits of monitoring Apache Kafka with Kouncil?

Real-time data on the health of Apache Kafka environment
Alerts and notifications
Data-driven decisions
Data visualization


Achieve your business goals with Kouncil

Kouncil allows me to view topics in events, not logs. This way, I can find the specific problem I am looking for in a particular business process and solve it faster than before.
Bartosz Foltyniewicz
Business Analyst, Santander
I use Kouncil daily to monitor topics delays. Thanks to that, I can actively detect potential failures on brokers and implement appropriate actions.
Andrzej Pusty
IT System Administrator, Santander


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