It doesn't take an expert to explore data in Apache Kafka

Kouncil helps the entire team understand Apache Kafka data streams. It enables viewing and analyzing events in real time and speeds up the work of developers, testers, and business admins who can browse and look up the events by themselves.


Live update

When processing or analyzing events, you do not need to refresh the table repeatedly. Each new event will be added automatically.


Display event details

Kouncil’s Kafka GUI tool enables looking inside the events and checking the source records.

The data is presented in a table format so you can pull specific information and sort it accordingly. Kouncil supports data formats such as JSON, Avro, and Protobuf.


Event tracking

When analyzing problems, you often need to see how events move from one topic to another across the Apache Kafka pipeline. Kouncil makes it possible with an event tracking feature.


Reading and creation of data

Apart from reading data, you can perform manual operations, such as creating new events.


What are the benefits of exploring data in Kouncil’s Apache Kafka GUI tool?

Faster problem solving
Data analysis in production
Insight into data streams
Reduced entry threshold for Apache Kafka users


Achieve your business goals with Kouncil

Kouncil allows me to view topics in events, not logs. This way, I can find the specific problem I am looking for in a particular business process and solve it faster than before.
Bartosz Foltyniewicz
Business Analyst, Santander
I use Kouncil daily to monitor topics delays. Thanks to that, I can actively detect potential failures on brokers and implement appropriate actions.
Andrzej Pusty
IT System Administrator, Santander


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