Kouncil - your guide on the journey with Apache Kafka

We know all the twists and turns on the way from development, through testing and deployment in various environments, to business monitoring. The adventure with Apache Kafka usually starts with searching for solutions to support the developers' work. Yet new needs of other users appear every mile. Kouncil accounts for the perspectives of all user groups and paves a safe path on their journey with Apache Kafka.

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Apache Kafka is not rocket science anymore

Kouncil offers many helpful features and a user-friendly GUI that allows all team members to work comfortably and efficiently in Apache Kafka.

Support for developers

Kouncil provides an easy-to-use Apache Kafka web GUI for performing various operations such as observing consumer and broker groups, monitoring cluster health, debugging processes, or browsing and reviewing topics in a clear layout. 

Kouncil enables CRUD of data, which means developers can create events on topics. For additional flexibility and ease of use, it supports JSON, Avro, and Protobuf formats.

Faster QA workflow

Testers can browse topics, create new events, and observe the flow of events in the testing process. Instead of reporting issues by email or in Jira to developers or IT administrators who need to review the logs, they can use the event tracking function, which accelerates finding the bugs.

Reduced workload for IT admins

Kouncil enables real-time monitoring of brokers, consumer groups, and event processing speed, which allows for instant identification of bottlenecks.

Kouncil provides all the dashboards and charts you need, but if you don't want to resign from Zabbix or Grafana, you can feed the data to those tools.

Kouncil relieves IT admins of business administration because every authorized person may view topics without entering the CLI. It also streamlines the authentication process in Apache Kafka with easy access management.

Self-service for business admins

With Kouncil, business admins can independently browse and view topics, monitor process flows, and check if events have been handled. They don't need to involve IT admins, use the CLI, and view the logs. Moreover, the event tracking function provides visualization of event flows.


Be always on top of what is happening in your Apache Kafka

Kouncil's Apache Kafka web GUI provides a comprehensive insight into data to verify if the system is working properly at the development and testing stages and to efficiently identify and solve problems in production.


Monitor and manage Apache Kafka Performance with Kouncil

View real-time data, receive actionable alerts, and collect granular metrics to detect anomalies in the infrastructure, diagnose root causes, make informed decisions and troubleshoot issues effectively.


Secure your data and achieve compliance with Kouncil

As an enterprise, you need to take production data security and regulatory compliance seriously. Enjoy a smooth ride with Apache Kafka by taking advantage of Kouncil's security features.


Why Kouncil?

Community edition
Kouncil community edition is open-source software. There are no hidden fees or confusing terms of use.
Enterprise edition
The paid enterprise version includes extended features, an additional security layer, and tech support.
Kouncil provides an intuitive web UI and a positive UX.
Plug & Play
Setting up Kouncil requires only one Docker command - no need to register anywhere or install complicated scripts. It can also be deployed on Kubernetes using Helm charts, or in a cloud like GCP, AWS or Azure.


Achieve your business goals with Kouncil

Kouncil allows me to view topics in events, not logs. This way, I can find the specific problem I am looking for in a particular business process and solve it faster than before.
Bartosz Foltyniewicz
Business Analyst, Santander
I use Kouncil daily to monitor topics delays. Thanks to that, I can actively detect potential failures on brokers and implement appropriate actions.
Andrzej Pusty
IT System Administrator, Santander


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